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We at Need4accessories is very care about our customers. Therefore, we always strive to have 100% customer satisfaction!
So do not hesitate to contact us about any problems, questions or concerns should arise.
Should you need any assistance regarding anything in this shop, so go to the following link Help. Please note that all terms and conditions also apply to phone orders. And that they are approved by the customer and with the completed order.

You can always reach us by phone at our office hours or our "Live Chat" click the following link for contact information Contact.
Minimum order is 149 SEK including VAT. VAT is included in the price with the presently 25%. If you are under 18 you must have parental permission to order with us.
Need4accessories reserves the right to cancel an order if fraud is suspected.
Payment Types

News! Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee that you can always shop for the best price with us. Should you find the same product at a lower price elsewhere we will match the price. This applies only on regular prices not rea and only Swedish online stores. The price guarantee is invoked by sending a message to info@need4accessories.com with an URL (link) to the website where the lower price is quoted. O.B.S. This must be done before you place your order!

Klarna Checkout
Completely safe! The simplicity of Klarna Checkout linked to safety. In order to suffice mail address and zip code required to Klarna control the underlying data both quickly and efficiently. Klarna takes all the credit - and fraud risk for both the seller and the customer, always!
With Klarna Checkout, we offer our customers the following payment methods, in one payment solution. Brilliantly smooth and frictionless.
- Bank and credit cards - Visa, Mastercard
- Direct Payment - Via your internettbank
- Klarna invoice - pay in 14 days without charge invoice!
- Klarna Account - Summary invoice with the option to pay for in installments. You choose how much you pay each month
- Klarna payment 3-36 Months - If the purchase exceeds SEK 1000
- Klarna CAMPAIGN - Buy now pay later, latest offers at checkout

For - Klarna Invoice
Payment terms 14 days. Late payment fee by the amount allowed by law at present 50 SEK and interest of 24% + applicable reference rate. Standard credit check without courtesy copy is made and delivery is only to the registered address.

For - Klarna Account
Will the first account invoice sent to you by mail the month after you placed your purchase. Upcoming account invoices are always sent in the middle of the month with a due date at the end of the 28th and the 30th. With Klarna account, you can also purchase partial payment of 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. The terms vary depending on which payment option you choose.

In Klarna Klarna Account also includes campaigns (such as "Buy Now - Pay in February"). By selecting a campaign, you can defer your payment and then pay the full amount when you receive the invoice for the month you selected.
All promotions are completely interest-free and the only charge that applies for this option is a fee of 29.00 SEK. Standard credit check without courtesy copy is made and delivery is only to the registered address.

With Paypal you can pay with your Paypal account through a payment link, as shown by the combined orders. For more information about Paypal available at www.paypal.se.

Delivery time

We have Dropshipping and normal delivery time is up to 7 days after the order date. During the peak season it may take longer.

Delivery method

We send orders using the following options
- DHL Service Point. Shipping by DHL to your nearest service center for collection. Traceable shipping with insurance.
- DHL package. Delivered by DHL to your door. Delivery occurs only between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. DHL will contact you immediately and you will receive an appointment for delivery. Traceable shipping with insurance.

- Post. Delivered directly to your mailbox with Class A record. NON traceable shipment.
Orders over 249 kr automatically sent via DHL. This is because you as a customer will have the confidence to always be able to track your shipment with a packet ID and legitimate Merger control in the pick-up. Need4accessories are not responsible for any delays caused by DHL.
Orders of less than 249 kr have the choice to send the item Class A record.
Need4accessories are not responsible for any delays caused by the Post.

Packages sent outside Sweden is always sent with the Post Registered mail with insurance. Need4accessories take financial responsibility for any losses. But not for any delays caused by the Post.

Link to DHL Service Point Tracking: http://www.servicepoint.se/
Link to DHL Package Tracking: http://www.dhl.se/sv.html


The shipping cost for an order will be charged for the actual weight, this is done automatically in the shop and the cost of shipping is shown at checkout. Pricing is done by DHL weight table / table Posten postage for letters and packages. In order value exceeding 1000 SEK we offer free shipping Inn Sweden. For our overseas customers, we ask them to choose the country at checkout, and you will see the shipping cost for your country. If your country is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. we will try to arrange so that it is added to the list.


Please always contact us as soon as possible when a claim for shipping label and instructions on how to submit your claim. There is always a guarantee for products you buy. Can you demonstrate the fabrication of the product will always be new, however, are not warranted for your items.
Thus, if a complaint because of damaged goods, or we sent the wrong. Contact us even then, as soon as possible for the shipping label, and instructions on how to submit your claim. Have we then not be able to send new product for a warranty and you did not order more products in the order, you also get back the original shipment. For repayment - enter your postal giro, bank giro, personkonto- or bank account numbers. We always check all complaints in some cases we will send the complaint further to investigation by the supplier. Would not it be something wrong with the product, or the error is not due to us or the supplier. Are you as a customer that pays the shipping charge. We always use DHL when it is a complaint to have traceability in the package and with low shipping cost.

At warranty claims, please contact us at: info@need4accessories.com

To download or print the return and exchange form in Word format, click here.
To download or print the return and exchange form in PDF format, click here.

Return Policy / Replacement - Sometimes it's not who you expected

Then you have under the Distance Contracts right to return undamaged and unused goods. Notice of this will be provided as soon as possible but no later than fourteen 14 days (Christmas gifts purchased from 2015-11 15 - 2015-12-22, it is also besides 14 days open purchase. Replacement or gift cards until last January) from the receipt of such goods provided that the goods and packaging are in new condition. Remember to not send the item in its original packaging when the sticky notes, etc. destroying the cartons. The product must always be unused and in the same condition as when you received it took. Remember that it is your responsibility that the product is great when it arrives with us. Unpack therefore well in the same way as you received it took.
NOTE Regarding our Earrings sealed the. Due For hygiene reasons. The seal must not be broken on earrings if you want to return.
NOTE On our steel links with protective plastic so will also sit on at a return. Has it not protective plastic so pack it in zip bag that came with it. As closely as possible, larger bags can be folded. Put then feel a little tape on to hold the weight. Because of this that they otherwise could be scratched in transit. Pack well in the same way as you received varan.Vi makes no repurchase scratched jewelry.

Upon returning them by the products the customer is responsible for shipping costs. We follow the Consumer Agency's recommendations see: Konsumentverket.se

How to make the switch
A switch count as a new order with us! So why should you add a new order. And choose to pay by any of our payment options. Just like you did in your previous order. That way you will not have to wait for the return will come in to us and handled first. The case was initiated at any repayment or crediting of the invoice after we receive your return. Normally, it takes about two weeks from the time you sent your return to us before you receive any refund or credit of the invoice.

Fraudulent orders

Please note that all orders are logged by IP address and time. We that reports all fraudulent orders and attempted fraud. Need4accessories.com also reserves the right to question the orders that we deem to be frivolous or not credible.

Damage to the package and not picked up package
If you discover damage to the package, you should immediately report this to the DHL and make a claim. Do not collect a damaged package! If you discover the damage until you opened the package, and the damage is of a nature that it can be attributed to the DHL management, you should contact them and make a claim. If any dispute with DHL can not be resolved, please contact us.
Have you ordered and not pick up your shipment before it is returned to us (about 1 month package, letter 14 days), so we will bill you 250 for our work with the handling of the goods.

Privacy Act
Your personal information is handled in accordance with relevant provisions of the Personal Data Act (PUL).

Assortment Changes

Need4accessories reserves the right to change the range and have the right to remove items from the range before a purchase has gone through. We reserve the right for any final sale of goods in the range.
Need4accessories responsible for any typographical errors in the texts of this website. We give no guarantee that all pictures accurately reflect the true appearance. Need4accessories reserves the right to adjust prices and possible price errors.

Force Majeure

In the event of war, hostilities, civil war, revolution, insurrection, governmental action, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster or similar event, Need4accessories will be able to apply to Force Majeure.
This means that this agreement does not need to be fully realized. If this occurs we will attempt to notify the customer. In any dispute, we follow the course National Board for decision.

Special Order Item

If you ordered something from our brand Silver 4 You Silver 4 You or Steel 4 You Necklace of more then 20 mm to see our special conditions click here.


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